A writer’s lot

Strategy, or waking up in the morning and trying to decide what piece of writing to concentrate on today.

I managed to get one short piece (part of series) sent off to my friendly editor the day before yesterday, but that still leaves me spinning rather more plates than is sensible. It is all too easy to give in to another prompt, or my home site, Gay Authors , has just started another writing game. Which is great, it shows that my creative juices are still flowing, but …

Of course, there’s a but.  When I first started writing, I was so keen to post what I’d written in a sort of Me. me, me! See what I’ve done! kind of way. Fortunately, my friend and editor stopped me at that point, saying that it was better to have all (or nearly all) the chapters of a multi-part story written before I started posting. I am so grateful for that advice in the case of that story – I’ve spent a long time revising it, and the finished product is so much better.

However, I now have an on-going serial that started last summer. Each chapter is posted as I write it. It’s great fun, I love the characters, it’s stretching my writing, but it’s also a commitment. I have to produce something in the region of three and a half thousand words every fortnight. And it’s not a question of dotting the last i and then just posting it – each chapter has to be beta-read and edited. This often results in the chapter being returned with corrections and suggestions for re-writes. So actually, the first version of the chapter has to be produced in about a week.

This requires discipline (something I’m not very good at), and it does mean fitting other writing projects in can sometimes be tricky. Today I should be starting the next episode of the serial, but I’ve also got a chapter for another story on the go, and something for that writing game (which comes with a word limit and a deadline) I mentioned earlier. It’s hard to resist the characters who shout the loudest in my head even though they may not be part of the story which should come first. Back to the spinning plates.

And then, there’s the daily WordPress prompt which grabbed me today and demanded a response. *sigh* Right, I’d better get this posted and return to determining my strategy for today’s writing, less the time it took me to write this.



2 thoughts on “A writer’s lot

  1. Your experience sounds familiar. Which voice, which project most demands my attention? Where are the holes in my daily schedule in which to write? And to respond to other writers? And to read?

    The words
    have taken hold,
    something incurable,
    spreads through one’s fevered consciousness
    all day;
    no rest,
    nor modern chemist’s elixir,
    nor surgeon’s procedure
    can stop the need
    to write.

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